[Clipart] Glass frame effect

Theresa Knott theresaknott at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 18:52:37 PST 2009

> I need only the glass technique (The reflection which looks like 3D
> ball), I'll make it different.

You do that with a white radial gradient.

1) Draw an oval
2) Use the "fill and stroke" tool set the fill colour as white. (Looks
like a paintbrush in a white box on the top right of the inkscape
3) Using the same tool set the fill as "radial gradient" with solid
white in the center graduating to fully transparent white at the edge.
4) Place this oval over the object that you want to look shiny adjust
the size and position until you are happy with the result.

There are  other techniques you can use to make the object look more
glassy but this will get you started. There has been some talk lately
of putting some tutorials on the wiki. I don't know if anyone has
started doing this yet but I'll put this up with screen shots as soon
as I get the time (After work today hopefully).




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