[Clipart] Saregune experience

Roger Martín rg1024 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 02:52:01 PDT 2009

Hi people:

I'm Roger, also known as rg1024. In the last month i didn't upload more
pics..but that don't mean i was inactive. I promoted and used Openclipart in
my classroom.
My students wrote this article explaining their experience. They, also, made
a little picture.
Can you publish it, please?

PD: excuse my very poor English. Correct the article, if necessary, please!!

-- the article --

thank you Openclipart Library for the version 1.9.!

Hi, my Openclipart Library username is "gurica" and i am working and
learning in little social center called "SAREGUNE" from Vitoria-Gasteiz in
Basque country (Spain).
We believe in the philosophy of the free software: we use Linux,  Inkscape,
Gimp and other free applications.  We make for free differents blogs and
webs for the associations from our hometown.

Openclipart is an excellent resource we've used in the learning process,
providing a basic understanding of how to use, make and share different
designs. My personal and simple philosophy, and I  think that other people
share it too, is that nobody will download  some images in his computer, if
he doesn't like these. For us, as beginners in programming and design its a
great satisfaction to know that our designs are appreciated even of few
people. This gives us a good motivation to keep going.

Here, We are all very excited and relieved to have accomplished this with
your help.  We would like to offer our thanks to each and every one who
helped out and contributed  that Openclipart Library extends its capacity.
So that,  me and my companions, also openclipart users as: gurica,
mekonee_29, estrellitapimpery, raulxav, cezarvitoria, joseba12 and our
teacher rg_1024 ...will thank you Openclipart Library for releasing the
version 1.9.!

Good luck people!
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