[Clipart] Browse your Cliparts with Thumbnails :)

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Sun Jun 14 00:54:23 PDT 2009

Michael, can you move the folder to be htdocs root and not in that
cchost folder. Its really shaping up!

Also, good to move the custom code to SVN, as is documented at

So great!

So, what are the steps you see right now towards making this thing live?

The main things for going live IMO are, after final tweaks, testing and fixes:

* plan an afternoon of maintenance
* there is some code in .htaccess on hawthorn (live server) at htdocs
root, for placing a maintenance screen up
* Then, once this screen is up, then can reliably, dump the live DB
for the site to SQL
* Then re-import or point the live DB to the new instance.
* Test the test instance...
*  Once all is well, make sure to have realtime communication with OSUOSL admins
* have the DNS flipped for the site to the new server.
* go go go!

Then, once this is going for a day or two, send out press and
announcements on blast!

Any thoughts on the rendering code and how to make it queued? Or, do
you think giving a day or two for the images to be generated is



On Sat, Jun 13, 2009 at 10:43 AM, Michael
Krnac<michaelkrnac at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> after messing up the database once, and a lot of help of rudy, victor and
> bassel i made it.
> The Beta OCAL is running now with live data!
> So take a look and browse threw your Cliparts with thumbs ;)
> http://testvm.openclipart.org/cchost/view/media/browse
> There are bugs to fix :-)
> And it seems that there are errors in the DB because sometimes the script
> wants to use a file that is not existing.
> But anyway it works ;)
> At the moment it is a little bit slow because while you browse the Cliparts
> the Server generates the Thumbs :-)
> Play around with it -> become a BETA tester :-)
> Michael
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