[Clipart] [Open Clip Art Library] Using art library within commerical software

Nicu Buculei nicu_gfx at nicubunu.ro
Mon Jun 15 23:17:59 PDT 2009

On 06/15/2009 09:16 PM, Hrafn Nordhri wrote:
> You've gotten some answers about the clip art being open to the Public
> Domain. Which is true, but here is the interesting part. I would be
> willing to think that if you made a request that pieces be modified to
> include your logo... that it could be done easily.
> I won't speak for all the artists but I couldn't see a request like that
> being ignored.

Clipart images with a logo added are not Public Domain, so they are not 
allowed in the library. If a third party want to hire some OCAL artists 
for such customization, that would be a private affair and outside of 
our library.

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