[Clipart] Frameshow.com & OpenClipArt.Org synergies

Aris Filokostas aris at likno.com
Thu Jun 18 05:09:16 PDT 2009



My name is Aris Filokostas and I am the founder of a small team of Greek
web developers in Athens, Greece.


We are developing the following community-driven web portal for *frame


http://www.frameshow.com <http://www.frameshow.com> 


We are now experimenting with a new free application in Adobe Air.


Just download the "AIR" version from here to see what it can do (it is
on BETA so please be nice with us for any bugs!):



Now, the reason I contact you is that I see room for a beneficial tight
cooperation between our two complimentary services.


We evaluate several options for adding *attributed* cliparts inside the
application so that users can enrich their designs with them. One of
these solutions could be yours.


We will attribute every added clipart to the respective Designer and
OpenClipArt.Org, so you have the opportunity to gain popularity to our
growing user base.


We would also like to help you in growing your service with certain
actions. We have already processed and converted ALL cliparts into the
PNG format (not thumbnails but actual size), which is more appropriate
for use by the end-user. We can send you the PNG files to add them as
another download option (apart from the tumbnail PNG and the SVG file).
In that way, we will be able to direct all our user base to your website
in order to SEARCH FOR and DOWNLOAD additional cliparts into an
application. This means free awareness and more exposure for the
designer and OpenClicpArt.Org, as all our users will get very well
acquainted with your service.


We also believe that it would be a good idea to create a full CATALOG
(index) of all designs, so that the end-user can download and browse
small thumbnails of all designs OFFLINE, decide which ones she likes and
then visit your website to download the particular designs. This will
save your website from the "too many connections" problem, etc.


There is also an immediate need to improve the SEARCH mechanism. For
example, if I want to find the file "ryanlerch_Children_Playing.svg"
there is no way I can find this easily. The search mechanism has many
problems at its current state.


We want to cooperate so that we can improve both services, let us know
if the above are a good starting point. We are open to suggestions.


Finally, can we talk with your management team through SKYPE to
elaborate on the concept and describe certain problems we encountered on
your service (with suggestions for fixes)?




Best Regards,


Aris Filokostas



http://www.likno.com <http://www.likno.com>   Powerful menus, trees,
buttons, designs for your websites
http://www.frameshow.com <http://www.frameshow.com>   Frame your digital
photos with ease!


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