[Clipart] SVN changed and updated

Michael Krnac michaelkrnac at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 2 05:56:31 PST 2009

Hi Jon,

I'm trying to unfreeze development which has been blocked on difficult
> practices for getting code into the site, which is being resolved now
> that we have control over adding developers to SVN, and our new
> virtual machines which we have more control over.

I talked with Jochen about the packaing stuff and we think that the best way
is to create a plugin for ccHost.
And when we have more knowledge about how ccHost and OCL works maybe we can
start working on andys mockup. :-)

But for that we need a local copy of the OCL. Maybe you can give us a short
briefing whats to do.
- setting up ccHost (version used in OCL)
- install OCL plugins and themes from the OCL SVN
- get an sample SQL-dumb

Thanks Michael
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