[Clipart] CC Zero + OCAL?

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Mon Mar 2 10:30:59 PST 2009

Hi all, CC is about to formally launch CC0 (pronounced Zero), and I
was asked if we would like to be a launch partner. This would be very
good press and give us some love.

Read about CC0


And, the chooser, which we don't need to use. We can just use the
license link as we do now with the CC public domain dedication:




Basically, CC0 is a way to release as many rights as possible to a
work, internationally.

Right now, there are claims that the current cc public domain
dedication only works in the USA, and really is used, as we do, to
release works into the public domain. In europe this is a bit more
complicated because there are database and moral rights in some
jurisdictions which effect if something may actually be released into
the public domain (if that legal concept works in a jurisdiction).

Thus, what I'm thinking is that we sign on with CC saying we will
roll-out support for CC Zero, then add a start date when all new
content will be by default released of all rights (the same effect we
were going with with what we currently have, with the CC Public Domain
Dedication) with CC Zero.

Old works would still have the cc public domain dedication attached to
the upload, but new ones, would be released with CC Zero.

All works released with current CC Public Domain Dedication and CC
Zero would still be compatible.

The benefits of doing this will be:

A.) Greater legal certainty something is fully released of all rights,
and if not, world will be granted a license that the copyright holder
waives all possible rights
B.) Get us some press
C.) Get us some new eyes
D.) Join the cool club of new adopters, and hopefully some new
projects to work with
E.) Updated RDFa metadata for semanticizing licensing, attribution, etc.

What do you all think? It should be pretty simple to add support for
this. Any questions?



Jon Phillips

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