[Clipart] Very Good News from the NEW OCAL-Design

Michael Krnac michaelkrnac at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 4 10:01:25 PST 2009

Hi everybody,

two days ago i asked whats going on with andys mockup OCAL-Design and
today there is an XHTML/CSS Version of this Design opened in my
Browser !!
I just can not really believe it! From time to time i have to look at
the nice written HTML Code to know that its true and not only a plain

You want to see it too? Check this out:

It's really really awesome! Highlight the Text, type something in the
search bar or just scroll up and down. Pretty cool !
Can you see how pretty your Cliparts will look in this design?

With this design we get so much more users that we reach in a short
time not only 10k Cliparts rather 20k :-)

And who did this all? A Girl named Vera surprised me today with this
amazing work!
She needed 8 hours for that work and is still busy to convert the
other views from the mockup into XHTML/CSS.
I am really really happy about that!

I calculated one month to do that work by my own, and now its almost finish.
To convert it into a ccHost skin i calculate also one month to do
this. (or more :-) )

That's why i write this msg.
First i want to thank Vera and secondly to find someone out there who
has already created a skin for ccHost and can convert Veras Version
into a ccHost-Skin "quickly".
So that there is no time the design collecting dust. :) (and it will
if i should convert it :-(  )

So if you can help us, please join. Or if you know someone who knows
someone who can help us please connect us :)

Happy Michael

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