[Clipart] Then what are the legal problems of CC-PD with regards to OCAL?

Nicu Buculei nicu_gfx at nicubunu.ro
Thu Mar 12 00:20:56 PDT 2009

Jon Phillips wrote:
> I was trying to get us to be a launch partner for the big announcement
> today at Emerging Technology Conference, but since didn't appear we
> could come to agreement, CC launched with two science partners. This
> is fine, of course. And, our discussion directly have been read at CC
> by lawyers and the people in charge. Our conversation helped to shape
> the course of CC Zero, and our project specifically has been a target
> of CC Zero in the past as well, because I worked there and pushed hard
> on this project for a few years.

I for one am *glad* OCAL is not a launch partner for CC0: from Rejon's 
blog I know that CC0 was in the making for quite some time and if OCAL 
was one of its target, I would have expected  us to be asked for input 
during its making, not only after the fact.

> I've been lobbying hard for an updated CC PD dedication at CC for
> ages, so hopefully you guys can see past the branding and look at the
> functionality and how beneficial it is for our project.

In my perception, CC0 was crafted mostly for the branding, as the old PD 
dedication did not have the words "Creative Commons" anywhere in its name.

> Ok, check out the link below and lets talk some more about CC Zero. I
> still am hopeful we can come to a general consensus about using CC
> Zero at some date for uploads.
> http://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/13304
> NOTE: To all, I'm just bringing this up for discussion on this list.
> After we talk about, hopefully we can chart a course of action...

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