[Clipart] Then what are the legal problems of CC-PD with regards to OCAL?

Nicu Buculei nicu_gfx at nicubunu.ro
Thu Mar 12 03:42:31 PDT 2009

Greg Bulmash wrote:
> But you cannot just convert all the older works from PD to CC0 because 
> those new rights that CC0 covers were not explicitly given up in the PD 
> dedication and they cannot legally be presumed to be given up.  If they 
> could, then CC0 wouldn't be needed.  All the authors of the PD works 
> would need to explicitly rededicate them to CC0.

When submitting works to OCAL *my* understanding was that I allow every 
kind of use, including such license change, I just had faith we won't do 
something like that. Is the first time since starting contributing here 
when I feel powerless.

> This could possibly be set up with a simple click-wrapper on a jump page 
> that each author is shown the next time they login to OCAL.  But you'd 
> have to track which works have which licensing and the conversion of 
> older works (especially the unported works from the previous 
> incarnation) to CC0 would be a long and gradual process.

And if the author refuses the agreement?

> What I'm not clear on is which countries have the additional rights that 
> CC0 covers and how much of a real problem the difference between PD and 
> CC0 was causing.  I mean did the need arise after people were getting 
> sued, arrested, and receiving nasty C&D letters, or was it someone 
> thinking "this *could* eventually be a problem, so let's throw resources 
> at it now"?

I don't know about the other projects using PD dedication but I am 
pretty sure not one of our users had such problems.
The only problem I am aware of was someone used an image in a book and 
after this discovered something wrong with the license and was not able 
to contact the uploader to clarify it. I am not aware about any negative 
consequences for that user - 

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