[Clipart] New OCAL Design Details

Michael Krnac michaelkrnac at googlemail.com
Fri Mar 13 08:46:58 PDT 2009


the new OCAL Design is not only a template it is a little bit more.
So there are some questions to talk about.

Andys mockup shows:
- Home/News Page
- Recent Cliparts Page
- Detail Clipart View Page

Vera created html/css version of this pages
- Home/News Page (done)
- Recent Cliparts Page (done)
- Detail Clipart View Page (in work)

Michi (me) tried to create a template for ccHost out of that.
But I still learn how ccHost works and how to get the data out of it.
And see that i can not get all data that i need, so its more work than
only a template.

The navigation in the new Version is done by a Main Tab Navigation and
a sidebar.
We use the tabs named:
-News (html version done)
-Browse (similiar to recent page, html version done)
-Help out

So Vera wants to create new mockups so the question is what do we need
and how should it look like?

-Help out can be a linkto the wiki
And do we need Screenshot?

Maybe some guys from cchost read here to :)
Whats the best way for me to do this stuff.
For example when i want to custmoize the submit page.
Should i do these in the shared folder or should i create a new page
in my local page foder or ....?

Thanks Michi

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