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Nicu Buculei nicu_gfx at nicubunu.ro
Wed Mar 18 23:59:20 PDT 2009

Peter Mathijssen wrote:
> Hi,


> I found one of my images, that i donated to openclipart, at 
> http://www.schoolplaten.com/
> For example: 
> http://www.schoolplaten.com/nl-kleurplaat-kleurplaten-foto-pinguin-met-t-shirt-i9988.html
> At the bottom of the page it says:
> All images can be used for private educational, non-commercial purposes.
> For all other use see Image License and/or Terms of Use 
> <http://www.schoolplaten.com/copyright.php>.
> Plz feel free to contact us for more information.
> I contacted the webmaster and told him that i thought it was not the 
> right license, because all the images on openclipart are public domain.
> We had a little discussion wherein, the webmaster stated that he tought 
> he didn't do anything wrong, because he gets e-mails  from people with 
> questions and then tells them the images are public domain. I asked him 
> why he doesn't tell that on the website right away, because he is 
> restricting the use of the image in this way.
> Am i right in this, of has he a right to use the image this way?

The webmaster is right, have a look at 

It would be nice for him to give credit, but this is not a requirement 
of the PD dedication.

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