[Clipart] Requests: Are they a bit confusing? + General organization thoughts + Activity (is the site alive?) + Searching

Michael Krnac michaelkrnac at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 19 01:26:45 PDT 2009

Hi Chovynz,

Spring comes so we started clean up the OCAL :-) It is good that you
are here to help us!
It would be great if you can help us to clean up the request page.

You can start by writing reviews to the requests to figure out if the
people are still active, or what they want you to do with their
uploaded image.
If you are within two-three weeks did not get a reply you can post a
list of the files to delete, here in the mailing list.
So we can delete this requests.
And if you get a reply you can try to help this people out.

> General Organization Thoughts:
> Is it possible to have a thumbnail of the image in the page list?

We are working on that... but we have some starting problems at the moment :-)

> Activity:
> How much activity is going on on the wiki and Website? Am I trying to beat a
> dead horse (by joining up and creating clipart for public use), or is there
> actually work being done on these?

Its awesome that you want to help. Start with the request and than we
will find some more work for you (there is a lot) :-)

> Searching:
> When I search for "bell" or "hand" anything containing the searched for word
> appears in the list. This includes member names as well as any clipart
> (filenames or descriptions) submitted by authors (and/or/also containing the
> word). Is there a way to refine the results - e.g. "excluding/only" members,
> images, keywords, colours, OlderThan, etc.

Not at the moment ... maybe you are a programmer to help us on that way too :)

Thanks for you help,

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