[Clipart] clipart Digest, Vol 60, Issue 28

John Olsen johnny_automatic at mac.com
Thu Mar 19 06:42:42 PDT 2009


This is a big issue and I have done it myself.

The ban button is way too close to other buttons admins need to  
regularly use and as you note they cannot be accessed.   It also seems  
that these banned items create permanent gaps in the data base that  
seem to break the display of any page they are are a part of.  You can  
go through the "unchecked", "cleanup" or numerous tags and you will  
eventually hit a page that will not display because one of the 20  
files on that page I suspect has been banned.

No one seems to understand the code assigned to this button or how to  
fix the problems it makes so I suggest we disable it.  It has caused  
enough problems messing up the db already.

John Olsen

> Message: 3
> Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 12:57:15 +0100
> From: Joanna Pszenicyn <papapishu at gmail.com>
> Subject: [Clipart] Ban by mistake
> To: clipart at lists.freedesktop.org
> Message-ID:
> 	<37214d760903190457g7dd6ba4bn368513fc99f4b44f at mail.gmail.com>
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> Two days ago I have (by mistake) clicked "Ban" on an image "Boy in the
> headphone" by Jonata. Now when I try to view this image from
> http://openclipart.org/media/people/jonata I get an error that says:
> "/var/www/openclipart.org/htdocs/ccextras/cc-download.php"(50):  
> Undefined
> index: menu_text [2009-03-17 20:20 pm][][/media/people/ 
> jonata]
> Is there any way for me to repair what I've done?
> Very sorry for all the mess,
> Papapishu

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