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singlecell singlecell at tesco.net
Thu Mar 19 07:54:41 PDT 2009

Vera Lobatcheva wrote:
> Hi,
> I've just made a xhtml/css-code from mockups for the new version of
> http://openclipart.org/ :
> - http://summerstyle.co.uk/openclipart.org/index.htm
> - http://summerstyle.co.uk/openclipart.org/recent.htm
> - http://summerstyle.co.uk/openclipart.org/view.htm
> Please, help me to test it using different browsers in different OSes.

They look fine with FF 3.0.7 on ubuntu. I assume the reviews on the 
right-hand side of view.htm are supposed to have grey boxes next to them?

Under IE 7.00.5730 on Windows XP they look exactly the same, but IE seem 
s not to display the first bullet of the unnumbered list (one next to 
item "barbeque grill" in recent) - Screen shot attached. A fault in IE 
is suspect, as the page source is correct.

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