[Clipart] Requests: Are they a bit confusing?

Joanna Pszenicyn papapishu at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 13:01:27 PDT 2009

chovynz wrote:

> > I guess it would be best to put some Inkscape vectorization tutorial on
> the
> > wiki and give links there. I'll try to do it;
> >
> Or vectorisation in general too. I haven't played around with Inkscape much
> but I presume the concepts and principles are the same as other programs.
> Use lines, and pen tool to create paths and strokes that can be changed on
> the fly.

I had in mind an "automatic" tracing option  that Inkscape offers. My
tutorial is here: http://openclipart.org/wiki/Color_vectorization_tutorial

But it's also a good idea to write or find a tutorial about tracing "by

> I also have a question as to why things are stored underneath people's
> names (seen in the breadcrumbs trail), but I guess it makes sense in a
> particular way and easy finding, or perhaps if you have a favorite artist.
> I
> dunno. It just seemed weird to me to lookup "Bread" and see "Home > People
> >
> Jon > bread". It seems to work ok, just not easy to remember, compared to
> lets say, "Home > Food > bread".

The reason is simple: we have multiple tags instead of hierarchical "tree"
of categories. Each clipart has exactly one author (apart from remixes, but
that's another story ;), so the clipart files are stored on the server in
folders that look like .../people/jon/jon_bread.svg. (Or at least I can
guess so by looking at Nicu's daily tarball I downloaded once. These daily
snapshots were put on the Downloads page; anyone knows where/if they're
still available?) And the way to find more "food" clipart is to click on
"food" tag on "bread" page :)

Anyway, I see no breadcrumb trail at all in soon-to-be-implemented page
But there seem to be some "categories" here:
Is it the same things as tags or something different? What's the plan?

> Well, I'm glad to be here thats for sure.

I'm glad you're here too :)
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