[Clipart] 0.19 Release Candidate

Jochen Staerk jstaerk at usegroup.de
Mon Mar 23 05:36:40 PDT 2009

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1) New File Release: where to get the release candidate (read below)
2) Feedback (read below)
3) Changes: 0.18 features removed
4) Changes: 0.19 features added

1) New File Release: where to get the release candidate

On http://www.usegroup.de/kunden/openclipart/openclipart0.19.tar.gz
(302MB) and
http://www.usegroup.de/kunden/openclipart/openclipart0.19.zip (360MB)
respectively you will find a release candidate of the openclipart 0.19
file release.

It has been created with my openclipart release script
http://www.usegroup.de/kunden/openclipart/downloader.zip (<<1MB)

See section 3b) for a link to the new gallery.

2) Feedback

Please note that the feature freeze is over, so feel free to report bugs
or submit patches. Michael and me will tweak th CSS a bit.
Any new feature discussion will be postponed to the next release.

3) Changes: 0.18 features removed

a) Metadata
After 0.18, open clipart plattform migrated to the new system, ccHost.

I have so far not found an easy and performant way to extract
metadata (e.g. tags) except for artist and title of the SVGs.

Thus, the 0.19 file release will not contain metadata except for artist
and title.

b) Windows installer version

0.18 had a .exe version which you could download and install in the
proprietary windows operating system. Good idea and nicely done but
there was hardly any advantage except the ability to uninstall via
the software management. Thus, and because of some minor technical
issues, 0.19 will not have a particular windows version.

3) Changes: 0.19 features added

a) 0.19 will come with >11000 svg (+thumbs ~300MB) compared to ~6900
(+thumbs ~112MB) from the 0.18 release in 2005.

b) Michael Krnac suggested a static HTML gallery before the feature freeze.
   Although this took me around a week of work it was definitely worth
the effort (and thanks to Michael for the template):
   Online preview of this >230 pages gallery included in the offline

Special thanks to Jon, Michael and Nicu('s daily tarball script),
kind regards,

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