[Clipart] 0.19 Release Candidate

Jochen Staerk jstaerk at usegroup.de
Mon Mar 23 07:04:18 PDT 2009

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>> I know from the old release (0.18) there are categories for the
>> cliparts. After downloading the new release, there are no categories,
> In past releases we used a directory structure for categories and the 
> direct result of this was *a lot* of duplicates, generated by images 
> being part of multiple categories.

corrct me if I'm wrong but AFAIK the categories are anyway not available
any more -- they are being replaced by tags. This creates additional
problems: a category usually contained n entries (so called 1:n
relationship) whereas multiple tags can contain the same image (e.g.
animal and cat), which is a n:m relationship.

>> Would be really great to see category again, because it's much easier
>> to package and to use those cliparts in several category instead in one
>> large directory.
> The only way to to this is to patch ccHost.
Or use the API in a way I so far did not figure out. Or directly access
ccHost internal structures e.g. via mysql which would agreedly be a very
crude hack.

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