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Hi All

I've been looking at this site a bit more in depth.

Correct me if I'm wrong but she can't actually claim or put any restrictions
on what people do with her artwork, since she clearly states they are in the
public domain already. It seems to me she is contravening the entire PD
"copyright" intention by stating (
http://karenswhimsy.com/image-ordering.shtm#terms) :

*You may: Use the images in traditional and digital mixed-media to
reproduce, display and sell your artworks by any means.

You may: Use the images multiple times without having to pay a royalty.

You may not: Redistribute the images in whole or as part of another design
resource. This includes, but is not limited to, patterns, CD's, collage
sheets, rubber stamps, web templates, and themes.

Bottom Line: Do not take advantage of the hard work, time, and money I have
invested in order to provide these images for people online by stealing the
images and giving them away or selling them elsewhere. If you want to use
the images without the minimal and fair restrictions outined above, then buy
the original source material yourself and do what you want with the images
located therein.

*She would probably include Open Clipart Library in the "design" resource.
Of course she can sell it herself. Of course she can do what she likes with
them, but she does not own the copyright over these public domain images,
and so, cannot say "You may not use them this or that way. You may not sell

I'd like some thoughts and advice on grabbing some clipart from her site. Is
it one we should avoid? Or is it worthwhile grabbing those public domain
things from her site? Do we want to ask permission for some of them? I know
we don't need to, but is it ethical to ask? I don't know about this one, as
it's not clear who would be "in the right". Do we for simplicity's sake just
leave her alone? Or do we risk getting a name of "thieves" by taking things,
that she legally has no hold over anyway.

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