[Clipart] Anybody here from Prooo-box?

chovynz chovynz at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 13:31:06 PDT 2009

Have we tried the computer game magazines? Before Microsoft took over
PC Games (turned it into "Games for Windows"), PC games used to love
this stuff. I know I used to read them looking for free
things/games/mods/etc. Open Clipart is attractive in that you can use
it for sprite based games. And the more people who know about OCAL
(AND OFLB!!!), it may stay in their memory even if it's years later
they go searching for it.

Lots of people in universities, still play games. Most students are on
a shoestring budget so are always looking for "free" stuff to be able
to fill their assignments.

Magazines off the top of my head, that might be interested.
1UP (talk with Jeff Green the editor) separate business but run by the
same guy "in charge" of GfW.
Games for Windows (ditto)

Any plans or possibility of porting "clipart" to other consoles or
machines in the future? Is that even possible?

On 3/24/09, Jon Phillips <jon at rejon.org> wrote:
> Please add. Actually, we need that entire release section updated to
> account for more press. I always wish we had better press connections
> for magazines and print publications.

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