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> Subject: [Clipart] Importing other peoples artwork?
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> On the Roadmap (wiki <http://openclipart.org/wiki/Roadmap>), part of  
> the
> goals are to import all images from the archives.
> Would it be ok for someone else (me) to take one of the folders at a  
> time
> and import them into OCAL? Does this put them into the ccHost  
> automatically
> or would you like me to "hands off" there?
> *"We are tracking the transfer of files from the old archive to the  
> new OCAL
> site on this page:
> http://openclipart.org/wiki/authorlist - please strike through your  
> name
> when you have uploaded your files to the current site. "*
> For example would it be ok for me to cross off one or more of  
> authors as I
> complete uploading their stuff?
> -- 
> Cheers

I initiated this project, so here's a little background.  I sorted all  
the files in the past collections and removed crap files and  
duplicates.  Then I re-organized them into folders by submitter name.

We talked about a bulk upload of the old stuff but no one came up with  
a feasible method of moving them all while retaining the original  
connections to their submitters.  I guess the underlying architecture  
is too different.  If you import them they will be imported under your  
name instead of that of the original submitter.  Some of these  
submitters already have accounts on the new OCAL but have not, for  
whatever reason uploaded their old art to the new site.  Also it is  
hard to determine WHO these submitters are.  Some have used multiple  
accounts over the years, some are untraceable.

I uploaded all the singletons awhile ago under anonymous - thinking  
that a submitter who only submitted one file for years was not active  
and we could take the chance.  We didn't think setting up dummy  
accounts for all these people and then uploading them to each one was  
a good idea.  That would have been over 300 accounts with one entry  
that wold have to be set up with passwords remembered, etc.

Turns out 2 of those 388 people have now requested that their files  
appear under their names, but neither has followed my simple  
instructions to make that happen.  So it seems maintaining and running  
these blind accounts for a slew of people would be a nightmare.

Up until now, we have relied on the many hands make light work" notion  
and hoped all the past submitters would move their own stuff.  You can  
see from the list and how many stikeouts there are, that it hasn't  
been wholly successful.   There is somewhere around 200 names there  
(not counting the singletons) and 7 have finished moving their files  

We'd love to find a solution here, but haven't heard any good ideas  
yet.  What do you think?


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