[Clipart] What we do now - Does it affect 0.19? + Mass uploads

Nicu Buculei nicu_gfx at nicubunu.ro
Mon Mar 30 01:06:16 PDT 2009

Jochen Staerk wrote:
>> (I'm wanting to know if I should continue putting clipart in or wait until
>> 0.19. I dont really want to add them again.)
> What do you mean by you don't want to add them again? Once you added
> them of course they will stay but the snapshot of 0.19 has already been
> taken so if you upload pictures now they will be added to the release
> after 0.19.

On top of that, I hope we will restart releasing often and the next 
release (0.20) is not far away.

So don't wait, upload as soon as you have images ready, they will be 
available in the website and the daily tarballs, up for the end-users to 
grab and hopefully not after a long time in the next packaged release.

>> Does OCAL have a mass upload facility? PHP is able to mass upload (also the
>> site admins can do ftp batches), but what facility is there for registered
>> joe blogs?
> no idea. AFAIK OCAL does not have a mass upload because ccHost has none.

We used to have such a feature in the old website and is missed: 
basically you had to fill somehow the metadata in the SVG files (either 
with Inkscape's dialog or from command line in batch mode), make a 
archive (zip, tarball) and upload that.
I think the lack of this feature is what had kept us away from importing 
all the images from the old site (at least it delayed *my* effort in 
doing so for over a year).

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