[Clipart] Files that might need some admin attention.

chovynz chovynz at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 00:23:55 PDT 2009

Hi all

I've been working on the Clip-art requests, I have some feedback and
questions as a result.

This file seems suspect. It's a zip file with "stuff" in it. I have no idea
why they have used the requests form, no idea why they are using OCAL for
this, and there is also no description as to what is required. The thumbnail
inside is too small and rubbishy to be useful. If the zip is to be used as a
request for someone to make a logo for them then, they need to be aware that
they cannot copyright said fulfilment. In other words they will not be able
to get a copyrightable logo made for them via OCAL. I also dont think we
should be hosting such files. I suggest deleting this request with a message
to them asking them to clarify what they want, also directing them to a
graphic designer if they want a copyright-able logo/trademark.

*Fulfilled in some way:*
He's happy, the request is fulfilled - as seen in the reviews. What should
the response be now? Ask him to change the tags and take off request, need,
idea, media? Is he capable of doing so?

*both fulfilled here: http://openclipart.org/media/files/boobaloo/11942

*No responses (but contacted or reviewed):*
I made some for him. Not sure what to do next.

Not enough information to fulfil request, also no response

No response to Papapishu's review a year ago.

*Error messages:*
"This upload is not currently available for viewing"

*Duplicate request:*

Going through this process something has struck me. What to do with
fulfilled requests? remove request tag is obvious, but do we delete png/jpg
file requests as well, so that they are no longer in the database? Are the
people who made the requests able to change the "request" tag or is that an
admin/librarian job?

Need more intuitive linking - "remixes" are not intiutive as "fulfilment" or
"solution". What to do with un-responded pictures and entries after some
time? Some of these requests have been in there for years.

Maybe the requests page need an explanation about what a request requires -
to be more likely to be fulfilled. Perhaps just a requests page paragraph
that explains what the request page/form is for, how to file a request (as
much description as possible and an example image if necessary/would help),
what fileformats are required for a request (as in - I think files marked as
request, should probably be allowed to be jpg, png, other formats.) Also
what to do when it's fulfilled? Responsibility to change tags, or mark as
fulfilled is on the original person making the request or site admins (-not
my preference as admins have too much to do already. I'd rather people were
responsilbe for their own requests. But admins have right of removal or

I think a policy on what to do with these would be a good idea so that
rubbishy or fulfilled requests dont stack up - cluttering the requests. What
are your guys thoughts?
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