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2009/3/31 Schrijver <eric at authoritism.net>

> I think current copyright legislation is kinda cool.It provides protection
> to the individual.
> Old copyright legislation in the US sucked bad,
> I think it is partly the reason the media industry could get the amount of
> power it had; because it could circumvent actually paying the creators.
> Possibilities for nastyness, court games and powerpolitics are IMHO now to
> be found outside of copyright, elsewhere, I guess, like the Millenium Act in
> the US, and the proposed saving of all surfing data within the European
> Union.
> But I do not see how copyright in itself is hampering progress; I think it
> is the lack of knowledge of the general public that is; once you start to
> see copyright as a right attributed to your self, it becomes another way of
> empowerment.
Interesting way of looking at it, which I admit, I haven't before now. I've
seen the messiness that happens when people go to the extremes of other
human rights, for that, I have developed a hatred of "Rights".

Until recently, I thought of "rights" as political bull####. But the intent
or "rights" and "copyright" is actually "good" and "protection". But
extremes only cause problems.

I've most often seen the "bad" sort of copyright, where author's "rights"
have been trampled on (I'm thinking music here), and they've been paid
little or nothing, gave up their "rights" to the "devil" - who made millions
or billions... selling a CD for $30 that can be made for .02 cents. Yes,
it's the authors choice, yes they chose to give up their "rights" - probably
out of pressure and other things related to money - but it's still wrong.

When you look at "rights" a certain way, they are intended for good, but
reality so often shows they are abused and misused. That is the case I've
seen most often with "Copyright" as well.

I dont know. I'm...not even sure what I'm so passionate about. I want to see
change in the world, and yet I'm lazy. I dont really want to go into
politics, but I find the more I study copyright, copyleft and all these
things...the more I think I'm getting sucked into politics.

Why can't life be simple? Can't we all just get along? (no need to answer
this rhetorical question...I know the answer already...being "No, not
really, now give me my peice of your pie.")
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