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--- Comment #2 from Jochen Staerk <jstaerk at usegroup.de>  2009-03-31 08:47:32 PST ---
>From chovynz in his post on 2009-02-30:

I think not having a mass uploader for registers users is a problem for
OCAL, and a stumbling block for OCAL's growth. Also, since ccHost can't read
MetaData (yet!) is there a manual solution that we could fall back
on/develop? From what I can see after reseraching a little,  there are a few
routes we could take in the multi-upload idea. The main thing is being safe
with file uploads.

#1. User uploads a zip file. OCAL dumps it in a temporary folder. OCAL opens
the zip. Scans for images with .svg file extension. OCAL deletes anything
that is not a .svg (including any other image files.) I.e. multiple uploads
only allows .svg files. Background scripts that are coming (yes?) can make
the .png thumbnails for them anyway so all we need are the svg files.

#2. Making a special Multiple File Upload page similar to
http://openclipart.org/media/submit/clipart. Multiple upload boxes, and next
to each one, an input field for the tags? My reasoning with this is that
anyone who batch uploads will *probably* already know what they are doing.
Let's simplify so that we can fit more uploads on. I see the ability and
space already available on OCAL as allowing upwards of 10 files. (as seen in
this quick mockup http://img219.imageshack.us/img219/1839/concept.jpg). All
that needs doing (to my limited understanding of how ccHost works with
php... is working with the multiple php upload scripts. Of course you also
need file checks, safety features as well, but if you're multiple uploading
manually you dont need the "featured artist", "suggested tags", "popular
tags", "NSFW", "or the "publish now" button. These informations can be
edited after the upload in the individual files pages.

The uploader can then edit things manually or wait until the file has been
checked by an admin (as all new uploads get the unchecked tag anyway.)

I know ideally automatic reading of MetaData is desired, but since ccHost
doesnt have that ability (yet!), my opinion would be that we should have a
manual way as well. Double redundancy - I like. Also a bonus of that is that
manually trying something might make it easier to make an autoscript later
on. Rearranging the lego blocks so to speak.

Are any of these following scripts hackable/useful with info? I don't know
which ones would be suitable for an Open project so please be careful and
research any of these links carefully. These are for ideas only. Perhaps
they can spark something that we can use on OCAL. Or even use.

Multiple Upload scripts:

Things to have a look at:

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