[Clipart] Web-based API for accessing OpenClipart?

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Sat Oct 3 22:11:35 PDT 2009

Hi there, I'm new to this list, so apologies for coming out of nowhere
with this question.

I'm lead developer & cat-herder for the Tux Paint project
( http://www.tuxpaint.org/ ) which, a few years ago, gained SVG support
for its "Stamps" feature.  Since then, a few volunteers have been pulling
in kid-appropriate SVG-based artwork from the OpenClipArt collection.

A while back, I was putting together plans to create a web application
and database for managing contributions to Tux Paint's stamp collection.
(e.g., if a photographer wants to donate a photo, they can upload it to the
database, and one of the volunteers can then come along and prepare it
for Tux Paint: remove the background, crop, create metadata, etc.)

Realizing that, for photographic contributions, a lot of content would
probably get skimmed from sites like Flickr and Wikimedia Commons,
it occured to me that for the initial 'drop' of a new stamp, we could
simply keep track of a reference the photo at Flickr or Wikimedia.

Both of those services have APIs for accessing content (without resorting
to screen-scraping), which I think would help a lot when creating this
web app.  I'm curious, does the OpenClipart library have something
similar, or are there plans?  (e.g., some RESTful XML)

Sorry for rambling.  Got up early today, drove 2hrs to go to SVGOpen,
and then drove 2hrs back home and have been tending to a sick toddler
this evening, so I think my brain is off. ;)

Thanks in advance!  And thanks for OpenClipArt!!!

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