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chovynz chovynz at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 13:05:16 PDT 2009

The problem: When an admin or librarian accidentally applies a tag
through the Admin interface, doing so makes the tag a "system tag",
and makes it unavailable to regular users.

I'll take this clipart as an example.
http://openclipart.org/media/files/ben/14388 (Microscope)
As a regular user I want to classify this as b_w so that when I search
for b_w tags, this will show up in the b_w "group". I can't do this as
a regular user, currently.

There are two places that you can put a tag on a clipart.
The first is in a user console when you edit a clipart, or submit it
for the first time.
You can input a tag into the tag section.
You can choose these from the Popular Tags area.

The second place is in the Admin Console - Internal Tags . System Tags area.

The weight and locations of some of these tags these should be reversed.

These tags are more useful to USERS than to admins:
	12, 19, acappella, alice, b_w, canup, carroll, quantum_mechanics,
createlogo, document, example, graphic, greyscale, idea, image,
inkscape_filter, interference, issue, lewis, light, need, particle,
photon, screenshot, sombanners, som_banner, usage, wave, wonderland,
xiph, zip

These are more useful to ADMINS (As system tags) than to users:
	archive, checked, cleanup, clipart, clip_art, clip_art,
completed_request, contest_entry, contest_sample, contest_source,
editorial_pick, externalsource, gif, how_i_did_it, jpg, media, need,
original, pd, pd_issue, png, public_domain, remix, request,
request_completed, sample, svg, svgz, txt, unchecked, xiph, zip

The solution:? Someone needs to do this. I and all librarians can't.

On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 7:09 PM, chovynz <chovynz at gmail.com> wrote:
> 1. Can we please move some of these back to the regular user list? Namely:
> b_w, completed_request, externalsource, greyscale, light,particle,
> photon,wave, wonderland

this is a line of sql

UPDATE cc_tbl_tags SET tags_type = 4 WHERE tags_tag IN ('foo','bar','etc')

> 2. Can we also remove some of them completly from the old OCAL admin list?
> (what happens if we remove a tag that is in use?)
> 12, 19, acappella, alice, canup, carroll,
> clip_artquantum_mechanics, interference, lewis, pd, sample, sombanners,
> som_banner, svg, svgz, usage

Step 1. will (should?) remove them from the admin list but keep them in play

> 3. Is there a way that we can ensure when an admin uses a tag, regular users
> can also use it? (either disallow the tag to become a system tag, or ...i
> dont know..) I suspect this is a cchost issue?

The admin can assign tag through the upload's property pages (same as
the user sees). Otherwise no. If the admin uses the tag in the admin
screen, it will get locked again. You can write custom code in your
installation for the admin screen that would prevent the admins from
adding any new tags (only allowing super-admins to do that).

> 4. I suspect this issue is happening or will happen on the BETA as well.

The core cchost system tags code has not changed for several versions now.


On 10/6/09, Jon Phillips <jon at rejon.org> wrote:
> I don't understand. Please explainnnn
> Jon Phillips
> +1.415.830.3884 (global)
> +86.134.3957.2035 (beijing)
> jon at rejon.org
> On Oct 5, 2009 5:29 AM, "chovynz" <chovynz at gmail.com> wrote:
> Now that we can now upload again, can we please have these system tags
> reverted to normal user tags?
> Thanks!
> 12, 19, acappella, alice, archive, b_w, canup, carroll,
> quantum_mechanics, contest_entry, contest_sample, contest_source,
> createlogo, document, graphic, greyscale, how_i_did_it, idea, image,
> inkscape_filter, interference, issue, lewis, light, need, particle,
> pd,  photon, request, request_completed, sample, screenshot,
> sombanners, som_banner, usage, wave, wonderland.
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> Cheers
> Chovynz
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