[Clipart] help us submit more cliparts!!!

Gerald Ganson Gerald.Ganson at rdc.ab.ca
Wed Apr 7 12:31:18 PDT 2010

Does someone still have the ZIP file of the ArtFavor collection?
I once converted all the flash vector files from   … http://www.artfavor.com/

I sent the resulting ZIP to someone to see about bulk loading the approx 1,400 images to the account “ArtFavor” on openclipart.


I may still have the file too, but they may be on a hard drive that is not available to me at the moment. (IDE/SATA issues)

I uploaded a few individually to “ArtFavor” account to fulfill specific requests, but the bulk of the files never made it to OCAL yet.

I’d be glad if someone would like to finish this project, and get them uploaded.


This was the email reply I received from the site, back in 2005-Nov.


Hi Gerald Ganson !

Shure you can use any resources from artfavor.com.


On 03/10/05, Gerald Ganson <Gerald.Ganson at rdc.ab.ca<mailto:Gerald.Ganson at rdc.ab.ca>> wrote:

> Hello.


> I am writing as a contributer to a project that is collecting public

> domain clipart into a usable collection free to all users.

> I see from your web site the following quote...


> http://www.artfavor.com/index.php


> "All artwork and sounds are absolutely free and you can use them in

> commercial applications. "


> Does this mean they are released to the public domain ?

> Can they be included in another public domain collection ?


> Please reply when you have a moment - Thank You.


> Gerald G.


> www.openclipart.org<http://www.openclipart.org>



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Well, we aren't quite at 30K cliparts, but a quick way we can boost up to 30K is to add from external sources!


Its easy!

1. Find some source at that link like a PDF
1.5 confirm the source is actually released into the public domain for each image.
2. Open each page in Inkscape
3. extract out the good drawings already vector
4. save each one to a separate file, preferably with page number and source in the file name
5. When all done, upload to http://openclipart.org/multiupload making sure to add the source url in the description
6. Use <strike>...</strike> to strike thru already uploaded clipart. Add a link to the clipart if applicable and/or the tag you used.
7. Keep on going!!!

Its fun! Funnn!!!

Brad, can you integrate this into an upcoming blog post please...


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