[Clipart] Librarian jobs

Nathan Eady eady at galion.lib.oh.us
Tue Aug 3 14:59:10 PDT 2010

Nicu Buculei <nicu_gfx at nicubunu.ro> writes:

> I think comments like that must be deleted but AFAIK librarians does
> not have (yet) the ability to do that.

This may be a nitpick, but I would prefer such comments be hidden
(perhaps so only librarians and the commenter can see them at all),
rather than permanently deleted.  Not that I think the comment in
question has any value at all (it's purile and vulgar and does not
pertain in any way to the image in question) but IMO there's more
accountability if other librarians can potentially review what has
been done.

Actually, I'd prefer it that way even if the user is given the power
to remove his OWN comments: rather than deleting as such I'd prefer
removing them from general circulation but leaving an option for the
commenter himself and librarians to click through and see what the
removed comment used to be.

Nathan Eady
Galion Public Library

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