[Clipart] Copyright/Trademark Infringement

Nathan Eady eady at galion.lib.oh.us
Tue Aug 3 15:04:36 PDT 2010

chovynz <chovynz at gmail.com> writes:

> (p.s. if the trademarks in the tags do turn out to be a problem, we
> can remove them later, 

I agree with this.  The artwork itself is what we are collecting, as
far as I'm concerned.  The keywords are just tools for search and
categorization.  If keywords do turns out to be a problem (trademark
law being the most likely reason), we can change them when we find out
that that is the case.  But unless a lawyer tells us it's a problem,
my tendency is to not worry too much about it.

Nathan Eady
Galion Public Library

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