[Clipart] Fall? a little voice from the southern hemisphere...

Donna Benjamin donna at kattekrab.net
Fri Aug 13 16:09:59 PDT 2010

Hey folks,

The Seasonal themes are great - except for one thing.  They make some of
us in the southern hemisphere feel like we don't exist.

As far as I know, only the North Americans call Autumn 'Fall' - other
English speakers call it Autumn - not to mention other languages have
entirely different words...  

Where I am, it's currently winter, and we're about to go into Spring.  

I think the call for theme'd clipart is fantastic! Really I do, but I
wonder if we could do it in a less North American centric way?

August art... reflect your local seasonal climate, local events and
holidays - Is there a saint day? a public holiday? an election? a news
story? A national holiday? A city memorial day? Is the sky cloudy or
blue? rain or shine? Hot, Dry, Humid or Snowing? Submit something that
represents August in your part of the world... What's different? What's

The September Equinox is something that happens to the entire planet -
for me it's the Spring Equinox, for the Northern hemisphere it's the
Autumn equinox - but it's a global seasonal marker... perhaps something
around that?

Here's some other ideas...
  - Furniture, Household items
  - Abstract Vector art (for backgrounds, desktops, wallpapers)
  - Abstract concepts - Success, Love, Failure, Ambition, Change, Fear,
  - Geographic/Landscape Features - mountains, rivers, beaches, forests
  - CityScapes - skylines, streetscapes, landmarks, monuments.
  - People in Groups - group activities - sport, theatre, meetings,
classrooms, parties, concerts...

Just a minor pet peeve of mine - so thought I should speak up! :)

- D.

Donna Benjamin - kattekrab.net

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