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Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Wed Jul 7 00:45:41 PDT 2010


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From: Mike Cooper <mythmon at osuosl.org>
Date: Thu, Jun 24, 2010 at 2:32 PM
Subject: Re: planet.freedesktop.org
To: Jon Phillips <jon at rejon.org>

I upgrades all 3 sites to the new Venus planet code.

I just copied the configs over from the old instances. I left the old
code in the sample place, in case you need to go back and get something.
The new stuff is in /var/www/$site/venus. A few sites in the
configurations gave errors when they were updating, so I commented them
out. You should probably go look at the *.ini files to see if you can
bring back any of those sites.


On 06/23/2010 04:16 PM, Jon Phillips wrote:
> Excellent...the configs are in SVN too...I believe...also, can you
> update the http://planet.openclipart.org/ and the
> http://planet.openclipart.org/news
> both are running the same old software.
> Thanks man :)
> Jon
> On Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 2:05 PM, Mike Cooper <mythmon at osuosl.org> wrote:
>> Oops, I meant the planet create.freedesktop.org, not
>> planet.freedesktop.org . I got your email from an old ticket dealing
>> with this planet (create.freedesktop.org) . It, oddly enough, was also
>> dealing with the planet not updating for some reason. I am going to
>> upgrade create.freedesktop.org to Venus, so that it actually works. I
>> will let you know when it is done and updating again, that way you can
>> look over what is being pulled into the planet since it stopped working
>> so long ago. Most of the configuration will port right over, so don't
>> worry about that.
>> --Mike
>> On 06/22/2010 01:40 PM, Jon Phillips wrote:
>>> Do I control those? I only control planet.openclipart.org and
>>> planet.openfontlibrary and the main http://create.freedesktop.org
>>> which are planets.
>>> Can those be upgraded?
>>> For freedesktop.org, talk to keith packard and the other site wranglers please.
>>> Jon
>>> On Tue, Jun 22, 2010 at 1:39 PM, Mike Cooper <mythmon at osuosl.org> wrote:
>>>> Jon,
>>>> I noticed today that the cron job that updates planet.freedesktop.org
>>>> has been failing since about March. This coincides with us upgrading the
>>>> version of Python on that machine that runs it.
>>>> After some digging it seems that the software that was running the
>>>> planet site before (planetplanet) has fallen out of development and
>>>> isn't getting updated to the new version of Python. There is however a
>>>> fork of the project called Venus that should work as a replacement.
>>>> The fact that this has gone on so long leads me to believe that maybe
>>>> planet.freedesktop.org has fallen out of use. Is this the case? If so
>>>> then I can shut down the cron jobs and that particular site. However, if
>>>> you would like I could try and update planetplanet to Venus so that the
>>>> planet site will live again.
>>>> Please let me know what you would like to do with this site,
>>>> --Mike Cooper
>>>> Student System Adminstrator
>>>> OSU Open Source Lab

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