[Clipart] AIKI Training #2

chovynz chovynz at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 13:45:04 PDT 2010

Hi Bassel
I'd like to book some more SKYPE time with you for Aiki training and 
OCAL website cleanup/programming.

On my agenda :

   1. *I want to get email users functionality sorted out. (First
      priority, other topic if we can get through the email.) {In
      thinking about this all the necessary stuff is already there - it
      just needs some hands on working to get it visible and useful.}*
   2. I'd like us to consider a permanant hide/delete function, for
      things such as blank clipart, but this comes with a duel function of
      USE CASE: Click delete button, email being sent to user for <Drop
      Down Reason list> :"Clipart was blank, please consider
      re-uploading", then hidden to all regular users, or removed from
      the database (if that doesn't screw up Aiki, for some reason.
   3. Thinking about process and adjustments of Librarians. E.g. if I
      "Remove" a clipart, we want other librarians to be able to
      "restore" the clipart at a later date if the original action was
      found to be not necessary. This might come under a different day.
   4. It would be good to have a librarian only visible section on the
      clipart details page that states what actions other librarians
      have done, and why. E.g. "Librarian Chovynz <name> hide this
      clipart with the reason : <reason> "clipart was blank"/"Clipart
      violated copyright"/"Clipart was being obnoxious"/"Clipart had
      embedded image inside."

8pm my time,
11am yours,

All other people interested are welcome to join too. You don't have to 
be a librarian, all you need is time, interest and Skype. Let us know if 
you want to join in.


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