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Yes, bassel is adding back the star/favoriting system so that people
can rate the cliparts...that is a great way to find out quality. Also,
that will allow us to not have judges and instead allow for the
highest rated to be featured.


On Wed, Jul 14, 2010 at 6:25 PM, Brad Phillips <brad at bradphillips.org> wrote:
> Leonardo,
> Thanks for the feedback!
> Yes, I agree that the themes need to be put out there more.  The logo
> contest is the perfect example of what strong advertising on the landing
> page can do.  We are working to incorporate a place where current contests,
> themes can exist on the home page.  I think this will exponentially grow our
> themed packages.
> I also agree that the number of individual downloads is too biased a stat to
> use in determining a reward, if there is a need for this feature.  I like
> the idea of a rating system.  I believe we are working on incorporating a
> 'Like' feature to submitted clip arts.
> I think the best route to go, for now, is to begin announcing the new themes
> on the landing page and try and drive more traffic and awareness to the
> themes.  If we're still not seeing the growth we'd like, we can begin to
> think about this artist of the month idea.
> Cheers,
> +Brad
> On Jul 14, 2010, at 8:09 PM, Leonardo Cunha wrote:
> Brad,
> I like the idea of "outdoor sports" or even "sports". The "sports2010" tag
> looks good, I am not sure about "outdoor_sports_2010", maybe it is too long.
> This is only my opinion...
> Maybe I am wrong, but I am pretty sure that if the themes are well
> announced, more people will participate, even if there is no "extra glory".
> Any way, I am not against the rewards.
> About the reward based on the number of downloads, it is important to
> remember two things:
> 1) as you said, the images submitted first probably will get more hits;
> 2) as I previously noted, users can easily increase a counter by refreshing
> the clipart page or using software to do that.
> The idea of using quantity and quality of submissions as criteria are
> viable. Maybe a balance between the two. Or even two separate results: the
> best clipart and the user that submitted more cliparts.
> A poll or some kind of rating system would be great to choose the best
> clipart.
> Best regards,
> Leonardo Cunha
> 2010/7/14 Brad Phillips <brad at bradphillips.org>
>> Everyone,
>> I want to send out my thanks to those who've contributed to the new
>> monthly package releases.  I hope we can continue to grow these releases and
>> push for new content!
>> I've been wondering about next month's release.  August seems to be a bit
>> of an "in-between" month, as far as seasonal or holiday themes are
>> concerned.  I think this might be a good opportunity to branch out into a
>> themed package that is a bit broader in scope.  What are your thoughts on
>> possible themes for this new package release?  In researching notable events
>> in August, I keep coming back to the kickoff of the American football
>> season.  American football seems a bit specific to me, though, so I was
>> thinking maybe we could announce an "Outdoor Sports 2010" theme that would
>> also be somewhat tied to the seasons we're in.
>> Do you think continuing with the theme/year tagging structure is still
>> appropriate at this point (i.e. outdoor_sports_2010 or sports2010)?
>> Also, I have been trying to think about ways of getting more artists
>> involved in these new content pushes each month, and I wanted to propose a
>> few ideas to you all.
>> Firstly, I think a great way to entice new work from existing members is
>> to devise a rewards system for those contributions.  Does anyone think it
>> could be appropriate to incorporate an "Artist of the Month" feature for
>> each OCAL release?  Perhaps a major contributing artist to the previous
>> month's package could be featured in the next month's announcements, as well
>> as occupying a portion of the landing page on Open Clip Art Library.  I know
>> that contributing artist are already featured, via the "Artists" tab, but
>> this is rather generic and dependent on amount of uploads and the length of
>> time the user has been registered, rather than the quality or persistence of
>> their contributions, in the current landscape.
>> Some questions I have about this solution involve the selection of the
>> 'Artist of the Month.'  How would this happen?  Could it be based on number
>> of downloads that particular works have attained within the package for that
>> month?  This seems a little biased to me, as the first uploaded works of the
>> package have the most exposure & time to attain downloads.  Could each
>> artist's number of original (non-remixed) uploads for that month be
>> incorporated in the selection?  Could there simply be nominations each
>> month, via the mailing list?  Could there be a poll on the packages page
>> asking users who've downloaded the package to nominate their favorite works?
>>  Or could it be based on ratings of individual clip arts?
>> I also think that infrequent or passive users may not even realize these
>> packages are open for submissions, at this point.  Perhaps, the 'Artist of
>> the Month' homepage link could begin to spread word about the themed
>> packages, or maybe we could simply announce each new package (in similar
>> ways that we've done with the logo design contest) on the front page.
>> If we can get general consensus on these ideas, I would be more than happy
>> to begin implementing them in the next release!
>> Cheers,
>> +Brad
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