[Clipart] Copyrighted material appearing on the website.

Gerald Ganson Gerald.Ganson at rdc.ab.ca
Wed Mar 17 08:40:43 PDT 2010

I'm a beginner in Spanish, but I found the logo on the wiki @;

The logo can be found at;

The license on wiki says;

Esta imagen (o este archivo) está en el dominio público pues su derecho de autor ha expirado.

(This image (or this file) is in the public domain, the rights of the author have expired.)

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http://www.openclipart.org/detail/21225 (I've tried tracing the 
copyright of this logo but the language is spanish and I'm having 
trouble tracking down any written info on it. If someone else could, 
that would be great.

Phew. What a mammoth effort.

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