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Look at the kind of awesome stuff we are doing with StatusNet with
even Google Summer of Code! What kind of things can this community
think of with Clip Art and our system? Even more, what about with


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Nicholas Holliday wrote:

1) Create the Flickr API as described on the wiki.

Note that the project is not just to clone the Flickr API. It's to
create a "lite" photo-sharing service, like Flickr's. Supporting the
Flickr API is probably the best way to get third-party apps to support
the system, but it's not the whole project.

I have already completed a lot of the groundwork including the
multiple uploads feature and getting photo's to be uploaded to Flickr.

Well, great to hear that you're getting acquainted with the code! I'm
concerned about design decisions, though.

Keeping one photo per notice means that the notice can serve as the
description of the photo; the metadata on the notice (like location
and #hashtags) can be metadata for the photo; replies to the notice
can serve as comments on the photo; and that feeds and such all come
out correctly. If you do multiple attachments per notice, then you
have to start having ways to ascribe metadata to the attachments.
That's way harder!

I would add functionality to allow adjusting photos (I envisage using
similar, if not the same, code to that of the editing of avatars when
they are uploaded.)

Fine, but do it last.

I also thought it would be nice if, once an image (or I suppose any
file) is selected, it is uploaded automatically in the background.

Fine, fine.

This information would then be sent along with the image to Flickr to be stored.

Wait, what? Photos should be stored with the StatusNet server, not at
Flickr. I think you might have got your head around the "Flickr Lite"
name too much.

I realise that taking on two of the proposals could be seen as
over-optimistic however in the time I've been playing around with the
StatusNet code I've learnt a great deal about how it works and am
confident I would be able to complete both projects to a good standard
in the time allowed.

It makes more sense to do one project well. If you get really jammed
up, we'll have you work on a pluggable backend for storing media. B-)


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