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jon at rejon.org jon at rejon.org
Thu Nov 18 17:51:30 PST 2010

Hi all, we need help figuring out where energy is best deserved for Open
Clip Art Library.

If you have time, please add to the blueprints, help us map those to the
releases. We just released 2.7 of ocal and the christmas package...very


Also, there are many bugs we need help with updating, closing.


Please help make the project better! I've been focusing on making
fabricatorz LLC a company and Aiki Lab a company in Singapore, so that the
core of aiki is being developed, but there is still much we need to all help
with on openclipart.org. Because Aiki is getting better and better, some
features are added for free, but still, we need people to help make them
active and custom for openclipart. If you are that type of person who wants
to help out, please do.

As Aiki Lab and Fabricatorz improve, we will be sprinkling goodness on the
community (hopefully), so the more contributions the better :)

Steven, aka, fosdevel from our community has been helping out immensely on
Aiki Framework:


The better Aiki gets, the better OCAL gets, and the more real world problems
we solve with OCAL, the better OCAL and Aiki are...



Jon Phillips
http://rejon.status.net + skype: kidproto
+1.415.830.3884 (sf/global)
+86.187.1003.9974 (china)
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