[Clipart] OCAL Tools, Manuals and access to them.

chovynz chovynz at gmail.com
Tue Nov 23 03:31:56 PST 2010

Dear Ocal people
Librarians and Admins
We've developed some more tools. Now you can actually access them.

You will see more or less, depending on your level of permissions. Since I'm
an admin, I've been concentrating on making tools and manuals that help my
level, so please excuse the lack in any specific area.

Give suggestions for what you want to see at your level. What would be
helpful for you to have? What tools do you want? What manuals do you need?
What information do you require? Please let us know.

I specifically invite all Librarians to let me know. I also invite other
systemgods to have a look too.

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