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chovynz chovynz at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 11:33:28 PST 2011

Would you like more help on how to be a librarian?
Sorry that we dropped the ball.
I can help you (and you can help me, please oh please oh please!!!) if
you're still interested.

Otherwise you can unsub at

On Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 6:26 AM, Shawn Evans <shawnf.evans at gmail.com> wrote:

> hey guys
> I'm just not active on this list, how do I unsub from it? I was hoping to
> help out as a librarian, but never received any feedback on how to do so
> since one of the site changes ages ago. Let me know how I can unsub from the
> list please?
> Darth_Gimp

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