[Clipart] My plan for OCAL today

chovynz chovynz at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 10:19:44 PST 2011

Today I would like to

   - (Developer Role) Again, try to make the remix counter on the artists
   page. I looked at it yesterday but was unable to actually make it.
   - (Developer Role) Make a generic Comments page, so that you can see all
   of the available comments. I also want to make an RSS.xml of the comments.
   It may be easy to do both at the same time. This will fill part of
   https://blueprints.launchpad.net/openclipart/+spec/call-for-comments .
   - (Librarian Role) Add descriptions to another 10 clipart. I'm hoping
   that by consistently doing 10 or so a day, we can reduce the quantity of
   clipart that have missing info.
   - (Librarian Role) Add tags to 10 clipart

That's enough for now.

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