[Clipart] more jobs for the bot

chovynz chovynz at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 17:58:44 PST 2011

1. line_art = line art
2. how_i_did_it = how i did it

3. Actually, is there a way to just replace all "_" characters in the tag
list with a space? that should be easy enough yes?
4. I've noticed that the tags get displayed differently to what they
actually are in the tag cells. Is there a way to add a space after every
comma in the database itself, and not to the output? Displaying it like it
is, is ok, but
displayed , as , such , like , this , but , when , you

I'd like to see, this, style, in, the, cells, and, a, botjob, so, that, any,
librarian, can, "Fix", this, issue.

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