[Clipart] Finished monkeying with the css for now

chovynz chovynz at gmail.com
Sat Feb 5 18:49:29 PST 2011

Eeesh. I'm exhausted.

I've finished monkeying with the css for now. There are still some issues
hanging around but I've cleaned up a helluva lot.

Short story is only put css inside widget css fields - if it's absolutely
or global css goes into "main" widget css field.
Don't use the global style.css method yet. - Until further notice or when we
come up with a plan.

There was waaay too much overcoding, and then people having to !important
things so that their changes would take place. There still is a number of
issues I want to sort out, involving the sideboxes, but it'll do for now.
I'm going to take a break for awhile. The new css should make the site more
readable, easier to add widgets, and overall efficiency of coding.

   - I "fixed" the admin interface padding. The overlapping text was bugging
   - simplified the sidebox h3 and p, and ul, and il 's so that you should
   only need to
   - make the widget of class sidebox.
      - Add <h3>title</h3>
      - Add a div class = "wrapper"
      - insert your content here.
      - Close the wrapper div.
   - majorly cleaned up the spacings of preview clipart related css.
   - simplified and cut out numerous css locations, especially ones that
   needed to be more global
   - found conflicting tag styling. removed or consolidated into
   "main"widget css field.
   - I've de-activated the Activities section for now. I'm sorry Brad - I
   took some css out because I thought I could apply the sidebox to your
   activities box, and I didn't realise that the sidebox was hardcoded until
   too late. Please feel free to re-css the activites box and re-show it. I
   need to do more testing on freeing up the sidebox before I can do what I
   stated above. When I've finished freeing up the sidebox, it should mean that
   you won't have to specific any other side box ever again. We're not there
   yet, but getting closer.

I think there was something else, but my brain is shot.
peace out.
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