[Clipart] Contact to uploader/author?

Florian Emrich florian.emrich at emrichmail.de
Sun Feb 13 08:37:48 PST 2011

Hello everyone!


Is it possible to contact an author/uploader of a clipart?

Background of my question: I wanted to produce a seal/stamp (what is the
right word?) for school for my pupils. I wanted to use a clipart of Gerald_G
for this stamp. So I sent the clipart to a stamp-shop, but the shop-owner is
not sure, if commercial use of the clipart is allowed, so I need a
confirmation from the author, that I am allowed to produce the stamp
respectively that the shop-owner is allowed to sell a stemp, that uses the
clipart from Gerald_G.

I already told the shop-owner, that the clipart is public domain, so anyone
can use it, but the shop-owner does not understand any English, so I am
talking against a wall J.


It is a little bit confusing, but I hope, that you can help me J


Best regards



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