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> Hello everyone!
> Is it possible to contact an author/uploader of a clipart?
You can leave a comment on the clipart in question, and the author will be
able to see it in their clipart manager. If they read that, that is another
story. We are working to get email functionality because author contacting
is crucial, but it might be awhile until that is implemented.

> Background of my question: I wanted to produce a seal/stamp (what is the
> right word?) for school for my pupils. I wanted to use a clipart of Gerald_G
> for this stamp. So I sent the clipart to a stamp-shop, but the shop-owner is
> not sure, if commercial use of the clipart is allowed, so I need a
> confirmation from the author, that I am allowed to produce the stamp
> respectively that the shop-owner is allowed to sell a stemp, that uses the
> clipart from Gerald_G.
> I already told the shop-owner, that the clipart is public domain, so anyone
> can use it, but the shop-owner does not understand any English, so I am
> talking against a wall J.
> It is a little bit confusing, but I hope, that you can help me J
You did all the right things. As Oleg said, by default, most of the clipart
on OCAL are in the Public Domain, or under the CC0 declaration.
Two questions:

   - What clipart are you wanting to use?
   - What nationality is the shop-owner? Maybe we can google translate a
   letter (from OCAL or Gerald_G himself) to the shopkeeper, explaining a
   little about public domain?

> Best regards
> Florian
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