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All the answers you seek are on /librarian.
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On Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 4:19 AM, Leonardo Cunha <laobcunha at gmail.com> wrote:

> Great work!
> Is it possible to list the untagged clipart? I asked this a few weeks ago,
> but couldn't find the answer.
> Best regards,
> Leonardo Cunha
> 2011/2/14 chovynz <chovynz at gmail.com>
>> Ocal work done:
>>    - Updated the search engine to return newest clipart to start at page
>>    1. Oldest clipart will now appear on the last page.
>>    - You already know about the clipart comments being available on the
>>    clipart manager page. (My Clipart at your top right control panel). If you
>>    didn't before, you do now.
>>    - Tagged some untagged clipart. :( The number is growing, not
>>    reducing... hint hint librarians.
>>    - All librarians can change the text of the website, for all text that
>>    is not automatically generated. You can see the available pages here:
>>    http://www.openclipart.org/editpagecontentwiki
>>    - cleaned up the bugs and blueprints listed.
>>    - Did a little bit of work on nsfw filter checks. (i.e. it'll allow
>>    you to browse with nsfw turned on or off. Not finished yet.)
>> --
>> Cheers
>> Chovynz
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