[Clipart] Comments spam?

chovynz chovynz at gmail.com
Sat Feb 19 23:52:14 PST 2011


Ok, I've made a first step towards dealing with spam and other troublesome
Generic search tool for comments.

   - Will search username and comment for [query]
   - Will display comments that have [query] in a table.
   - Pagination is broken due to another bug, but pagination IS actually
   activated on this search.
   - Results are limited to 50.
   - Only Librarians can see / use this page.
   - At this stage, this will only display, but I plan on making user
   actions for when a librarian needs to hide the comment or to edit the
   comments if need be.
   - It's probably would benefit from some css styling.
   - Footer screwed up the page, so I removed it from showing up on this

Pity I can't do /search/comments, instead of creating an entirely different
url (/searchcomments). When I placed this page under /search/comments, the
cliparts matching [query] also displayed in the standard search view, which
is not what I wanted. Kill URL's search didn't work. It works downline, but
not upline.

There is currently no tool to edit / hide comments. I'll work on that next.
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