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Sun Feb 20 14:01:49 PST 2011

Hi all, Chovynz and I were debating how we can make this example /
showcase / features page on the site, but really need some feedback.


What is a good one word name/phrase/url for this type of functionality?

We are noticing already from the super cool feed that chovynz added
that many comments are simply people saying hey, I used your clipart
at this url and this way. cool!


The feed: http://www.openclipart.org/rss/comments.xml

We need to pull these out and also encourage people to see this and to
add to this list...

A quick way to do this would even be to tag these clipart as
"having-example" or something, but first wanted to get some more
feedback on this idea.


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Subject: [Blueprint make-examples-page] Make Examples / Showcase /
Features Page and Way to Upload
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Blueprint changed by rejon:

Whiteboard changed:
- Add back a system for uploading bitmap or SVG and tag as a request so
- that others can connect up
+ Brad's collection page is really ideal: 3 X 3 grid of showcases with
+ paging. Also, great to have a feed of these and also, have the quick
+ disclaimer that these showcases we are permitted to use for promoting
+ our project and the artists to promote their artwork. Also, would be
+ great to have the form up top on the page for adding a showcase.

- One thing to do right now, is to make an /Examples page
+ Is showcase, feature or example the right language for this? As-seen-on-
+ the-web? We need some clear word to describe this but something that
+ fits in with our library metaphors is also really really great.

- And then just put a big notification saying, here is how to implement,
- and capture people to help make this real. What do you think? It could
- be a fun experiment :)
- What is the best name for this too? Examples can be screenshots,
- pictures of our clipart in the world, web urls of usage, etc. There
- could also be studies.
- Another name for this is casestudies or studies, or usecases.
- What do you think is the best?
- I'm feeling like the best way to create this is to just make it first by
- html and aiki, then make it more technical as capability and use
- increases, what do you guys think?
- ###
- I'm going to do this, because I can! Jon
- --
- Pushed forward so that we can release 2.9. Jon can do this in 3.0.
Chovynz 14Feb10
- ###
- need a mockup of how this should look. JOn
+ You can imagine how we can put logos over here on this section of the
+ site and some types of raster/bitmap remixes including our clipart.

Make Examples / Showcase / Features Page and Way to Upload

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