[Clipart] I had a 10 minutes free today

chovynz chovynz at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 11:04:32 PST 2011

Hi Librarians and Openclipart list

I had 10 minutes free today, so I

   - commented and hid a clipart that had trademarks on it
   - checked out 2 pages of new clipart for copyrighted material.
   - Checked out new comments <http://www.openclipart.org/list/comments>.
   - Found a clipart that had a massive list of tags on it and cleanup up
   the list. It had duplicate tags in it and no spaces in commas. When you log
   in, it displays them all in one line. So I added a space and took out over
   half of the tags.
   - Thought about how I can make this conform to the page style, by doing
      something automatically.
      - Copied the tag list into notepad++,
      - found and replaced commas, with commaspace.
      - Removed all old tags from cchost days "media, clip_art,
      public_domain, image, png, svg," as all of these are useless as tags now.
      - copied the new back into the clipart in question
   - While I was doing that I found a way to make the edit areas a litte bit
   bigger and more useable. So I took note of that, and changed the edit area
   after the 10 minutes of being a librarian was up.

By the way, Could you please reply to me, if you are a librarian and are on
the mailing list? I would like to know who is getting these messages. Thanks
for reading!
Keep up the good work folks! OCAL is amazing fantastic great awesome. And
you are too!

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