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chovynz chovynz at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 21:00:41 PST 2011

The NSFW is filtered out already.
We are working on having toggles that will enable users to turn the
filters off or on if they so wish.

Having this choice availablity is a necessity, but I don't know how
this will affect the education sector, when there is choice for the
end user. There's a possibility that education will reject OCAL as a
viable PD option once we bring that choice in, but it really is
necessary to allow users that choice.

Ultimately, how eduction reacts is not up to me, but I would like to
see them continue using OCAL.

Thanks for the source. I'll enjoy looking at it.

On 1/13/11, Cotte André <cottea at grics.qc.ca> wrote:
> Hi!
> Chovynz asks for the source, here they are in the zip file.  It's not me
> that has coded this.  If you have congratulations to give it's to Kevin
> Albert, the young programmer who code this for me.  I'm an old 64 years old
> buck and I let the young and brilliant person around me do the tough job ;-)
> I think that a solution around this can be a bonus for a lot of persons that
> are not familiar with englisn vocabulary.
> By the way, we work in education, what happens wiith the NSFW clipart.  It's
> OK to have this in OCAL but we want a way to filter them for schools.  With
> our little app, we do not filter them.
> Bye
> André Cotte
> Carrefour éducation et Colibris
> Société GRICS
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> This looks like it has promise for clipart translations. I did a search for
> pomme and it came out as "apple" with the OCAL website inserted below.
> Is there some sort of widget that we could do locally that translates the
> search term? Can we link into google translate?
> Ideally user preferences page would need language input field of course
> (which would change the entire website to that language), but for starters
> we could do a hack like this, where the tags are what they are, and the
> search translates the term before hand.
> This is a brilliant solution Andre. Could you please send me the php source
> so that I can study it?


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