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> > Yep. Blank is better. Thanks for your work Johnny.
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> > I don't say it enough, but i really appreciate your efforts.
> Thanks but I've only recently been back from a stint in RL.  And work keep
> me from finishing the uploads of the old files, but very close now.

Is there a problem with the tiny url file collection? I get an error message
and it won't let me download anything.

> >
> > How can I make your job easier?
> You just did.  That will make it much easier to upload the rest.  Maybe I
> can get back to padding my stats :-)

Haha! Just out of curiousity do you use the multi upload or upload them one
at a time? If you use the multi-uploader I think all you need to do is make
sure the filenames are ok (and with bassel having done some background work
I think all the old OCAL files should have a good name to upload to.)

So really, (I think) all you need to do is unzip them on your computer, and
upload them using the multiupload. Hopefully (If you didn't know these
already) that makes your job even easier. If you already knew it then carry

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